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Sunday, 22 November 2009 23:43

Attention: Narag Shathur has been abandoned in Cataclysm, and has been resurrected by the guild leader as a level 25 guild (renamed a purchased guild) to accommodate only his alts. If you're interested in guild history, information is included below.


Short description

If you're:

  • Mature
  • Mostly a solo player
  • Not interested in raiding, RP or other organized group activities
  • Looking for a friendly, family atmosphere

Narag Shathur is the place for you.

With Cataclysm and guild experience/perks being introduced, we're focusing on:

  • Obtaining guild experience and reputation via activities other than dungeons and raids.
  • Leveling, questing, getting to know various classes, developing professions, grinding reputation, and playing solo in all other ways that benefit everyone in the guild.
  • Helping one another in achieving the abovementioned goals.

If you'd like to join us in doing so, contact Kzanol (guild leader) or his alts for a short interview.

Long description

Narag Shathur is a private Alliance guild on the European Darkmoon Faire Realm with a side-guild on Horde on Steamwheedle Cartel Realm, and a sister-raid-guild on Darkmoon Faire called Tired and Torn. The information below relates to Alliance guild on Darkmoon Faire. The Horde guild on Steamwheedle Cartel is only for our Alliance members (no other invites), and is meant as a side-activity. The Tired and Torn guild has its website and information in preparation.

The name "Narag Shathur" means "Dark Cloud" in Khuzdul (the language of dwarves from J.R.R. Tolkien's books). The guild was originally thought to be dwarf-only, but with time the concept changed, and the guild became open to everyone interested.

The guild is a "virtual family". It was never intended, and never will become a raiding guild, an RP guild, or any other "formal" type of a guild found on WoW. There are no organized group activities such as raiding (if you're looking for those, Tired and Torn is the place for you). The main focus is on members to know and help one another, and socialize with no pressure and no expectations whatsoever. What we want is to make a family atmosphere. We want all members to trust one another, and absolutely avoid any conflicts. Since we also want the goods that come with guild experience, we're gaining this via all possible solo activities. With no raiding activity this means we have quite a lot of time for those!

All recruits must be evaluated by the guild master/creator in order to see, whether the potential member fits the guild profile. Since the guild is rarely advertised, it bases its recruitment primarily on personal preference of its members. Access to the bank (promotion) is granted after an undefined amount of time, when the guild master feels the new member deserves his trust, but this is usually only a couple of days, if the new member is involved in the guild (i.e. involved by visiting the forum regularly, helping others, chatting, etc.). This access involves one tab only. Due to account break-ins and guild vault losses, access to remaining tabs is granted after a much longer time, and only for those who have the Blizzard Authenticator or Battle.net Mobile Authenticator.

There are no formal requirements, such as level, equipment, experience, play-time, etc. Many players in the guild are new to the game, and have been playing only for a couple of months, or less. There are also no fees whatsoever, no obligations, but all members (players) must meet the following "human" requirements:

  • Maturity: this is the key aspect of a Narag Shathur member. It does not mean age, you can be young, and still be mature. It means behaving properly, in an adult fashion, and being friendly to other members. It is also expected, that you display this maturity outside of the guild, e.g. behave yourself on the Trade channel and such. Due to bad experiences with younger players, the guild admits only those above the age of 18 as declared to the guild master. Rare exceptions are possible, if your application is clearly mature.
  • Long-term interest: we're not searching for members, who want to join, level with our help, and then leave for a raiding guild. When you become part of the family, you become a part of the family. We don't want members who switch guilds constantly, go away to another one and then come back to ours. We're not looking for players who are interested just in quick leveling and then regular raiding — this guild would not be the right place for them.
  • Mutual help and participation: since the guild is based on mutual trust and friendship, it is expected of all members to be helpful to one another, when asked, and when possible of course. We don't want people who expect only to receive something from the guild or other members, and are not willing to equally help others out via information, activity, or just simply keeping company.
  • Respecting the rules and other people: we want people who respect game rules, respect RP rules on Darkmoon Faire (i.e. don't speak or yell out-of-character), and who respect others: no matter what guild, level, class, race, or faction (i.e. respect people who are playing, not only their characters in-game). People who get satisfaction by making the game more difficult for others are not going to feel welcome in this guild (ganking in public areas i.e. not in battlegrounds is forbidden and may lead to being expelled from the guild).

The only situations, when members may be removed from the guild is if they encourage conflicts within the guild, display excessively annoying behavior, or simply take and not give anything back. The guild master reserves the right to make such decisions with help of guild exalted (officers), but these are very rare cases. The guild has been active since May 2009, and only two members in total were removed from the guild for misbehavior.

The guild is primarily English-speaking (all the announcements, the forum, etc. are in English), and consists of some game-friends and real-life-friends. All nationalities are equally welcome. All members should however have basic English proficiency in order to be able to communicate with others and read announcements.

This website (forum, gallery, chat etc.) is open only to current guild members to protect their privacy. Therefore, when you join, you will see much more content on this website (including some very useful articles).

Why join

With a large number of social guilds on the Darkmoon Faire realm, you may be wondering, why would Narag Shathur become one of your choice? Obviously, reasons are usually of a personal nature, but here are some benefits you might find interesting.

  1. Narag Shathur is carefully managed, and all guild invites are co-ordinated by the guild master with help and support of guild exalted i.e. officers. This is unlike many social guilds, where absolutely anyone can join. Anyone meaning: people you would not feel good with, you couldn't talk to, who would intimidate you and make you want to leave the guild you joined. Not here. Since all invites are screened, no such people are allowed, and if some are invited by mistake, they are out very quickly.
  2. The guild is focused on mutual help and support. And that means that if you're new to the game (or not that new, but still need some information), others can often help you immediately on the guild channel, or a bit later via the forum (but please remember to seek information yourself first, e.g. using Wowwiki or Wowhead).
  3. There are no expectations. Nobody will kick you, if you have very little time for playing. Nobody will kick you, if you prefer to play alone and not with others. Nobody will expect you to be online at certain times or on certain days. You can feel totally free in Narag Shathur.

If this appeals to you, this might just be the place you're looking for, no matter if you began playing WoW just a short while ago, or if you're an experienced raider, who simply has enough of pressure and wants a place where you can chat to people and focus on other activities.

In conclusion, if you're interested in becoming a part of Narag Shathur, please contact the guild master for a short interview.

Tom AKA tonid (Guild Master)

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